Friday, May 25, 2012

Special Destination Wedding

     I just returned for the most wonderful special destination wedding.  The bride and groom were gorgeous, radiant and of course handsome.  I can't even begin to describe how spectacular the venue was.  It is a private estate in the mountains of Scottsdale, Arizona.  And I do mean in the mountains!  Camelback Mountain was in the background on one side view and the downtown skyline and city lights of Phoenix were on another side view.  There were waterfalls, fountains and several torches, the size of which would rival the ones at the Olympics!

     The home was built with three sides that wrap around the pool and back view and is all glass walls the open completely.  You become outside while remaining inside. After the fabulous bride and groom, and the amazing venue, my chocolate was the topic.

     Imagine traveling through the desert from Ventura County, CA to Scottsdale, AZ in 104 degree weather with an assembled chocolate centerpiece and 400 individual chocolate treats.  It was a challenge and the car did look like something from a comedy show when it was packed.  I had cardboard boxes with duct tape grids for the showpiece, two large coolers for the treats and two reflective silver car shades draped over all if it.  We traveled late at night and at 5am the next morning.  That was the tough part for a (not a morning) person.  It was all worth it because the wedding couple loved it and the guests were very happy.  I did see some hoarding of the goodies!  It was a wonderful event all around.