Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Catching Up

     September and October were very busy and productive months.  I had a day at Williams Sonoma Calabasas, where I demonstrated tempering chocolate and built a large showpiece.  I also had a huge display of my products and sold them there.  I had a big audience watching me build the showpiece and a fabulous response to the tastes of my bon bons.  All the samples were gobbled up!

     I also started teaching classes at another venue, Vom Fass Westlake Village.  I develop recipes that feature their fabulous products, which include vinegars, olive oils and wonderful liqueurs and flavors.  I have had a great response from these classes and have really enjoyed developing the recipes.  The staff at Vom Fass is a pleasure to work with.

     My first class was The End of Summer Berries:

                      Fresh Blueberry Lemoncello Tart with Honey Grape Vinegar Shortcrust

                            Strawberries in Zabaglione with Vom Fass Fine Orange Liqueur
                                                                  and Robinart Biscotti

     I am now in Las Vegas, developing and refining new holiday recipes and techniques for my upcoming holiday season and future classes.  I am working with World Pastry Champion and Top Chef  Season 2 Winner, Chris Hanmer.  This is like pastry chef dream camp for me.  I will include pictures from this session in my next post.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Finally, an Update

     I have neglected updating my blog because I have been so busy.  So here goes!

   Here are some examples of airbrushing on pastilliage:

                                             Some sugar work with airbrushed pastillage:

                                                           Me and Stephane Treand:

                                                           More airbrushed pastillage:


  I have had several opportunities to further enhance my techniques and skills.  I had a three day session with MOF Stephane Treand.  I worked on airbrushing, pastilliage, and sugar sculptures.  He is a pastry genius and creative and talented beyond words.  I found out that the airbrushing that he makes look so easy is unbelievably difficult!  The first day that I worked at it, my work looked like a preschooler did it.  With determination and practice, I managed to improve enough so that I am proud to post some photos of my work from that experience.

     In July, I was invited to a seminar from Dessert Professional and sponsored by Callebaut Chocolate and Pre Jel America.  Two very famous and accomplished French pastry chefs put on amazing demonstrations and served delicious and gorgeous creations.

                                        Five Star Chef Jerome Landau from Cocoa Barry
                                                                   and his creations

        I  was invited to attend a fabulous three day intensive chocolate workshop at the Guittard Chocolate Studio, by pastry chef and chocolatier, Jin Caldwell.  She has her won chocolate business called Jin Ju Chocolates.  She was pastry chef at the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas, among many other experiences.  I learned some wonderful techniques and got some fabulous recipes from that experience.
Here are some examples.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Graduation Cap and Diploma

     I have just made and delivered several of these cap and diploma pieces to this year's high school and college graduates.  I personalized each cap by making tassels in the school colors of each graduate.  Go 2012 grads!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Special Destination Wedding

     I just returned for the most wonderful special destination wedding.  The bride and groom were gorgeous, radiant and of course handsome.  I can't even begin to describe how spectacular the venue was.  It is a private estate in the mountains of Scottsdale, Arizona.  And I do mean in the mountains!  Camelback Mountain was in the background on one side view and the downtown skyline and city lights of Phoenix were on another side view.  There were waterfalls, fountains and several torches, the size of which would rival the ones at the Olympics!

     The home was built with three sides that wrap around the pool and back view and is all glass walls the open completely.  You become outside while remaining inside. After the fabulous bride and groom, and the amazing venue, my chocolate was the topic.

     Imagine traveling through the desert from Ventura County, CA to Scottsdale, AZ in 104 degree weather with an assembled chocolate centerpiece and 400 individual chocolate treats.  It was a challenge and the car did look like something from a comedy show when it was packed.  I had cardboard boxes with duct tape grids for the showpiece, two large coolers for the treats and two reflective silver car shades draped over all if it.  We traveled late at night and at 5am the next morning.  That was the tough part for a (not a morning) person.  It was all worth it because the wedding couple loved it and the guests were very happy.  I did see some hoarding of the goodies!  It was a wonderful event all around.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Launching of Robin Art Chocolate Website!

     Today, April 28, 2012 is the launching of my new website!  My web address is
This makes my business official.  Let those orders start flowing in.
     I am currently working on a chocolate display for a very special wedding.  I am making designer white and dark chocolate lollipops and coordinating white and dark chocolate covered sandwich cookies as party favors for all the guests at this destination wedding, to enjoy in their hotel rooms after the event.  I am also designing and building a chocolate showpiece for the center of the table on which these chocolates will be displayed.
     The wedding is at the end of May.  Pictures to follow in my next blog.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

My passion for cooking and baking has brought me to this point where I have found my calling in the Art of Chocolate.  Elaine Gonzalez has been my inspiration, taking classes, workshops, and working with her in many of her chocolate classes.  She taught me that you can make chocolate do anything you want if you just treat it gently. This brought me to seek out the world's most knowledgeable and talented chocolatiers and pastry chefs. I want to learn as much as I can from them. I have taken many classes and workshops from Chris Hanmer, Gold Medal World Pastry Winner and winner of Top Chef Just Desserts Season 2;  MOF Stephane Treand; Patrick Peeters, Executive Chef of Godiva Chocolates;  and Roland Messinier, White House Pastry Chef for 25 years, are a few of my favorites.

 Chocolate workshop with Stephane Treand

Chocolate Workshop in Bakon USA with Patrick Peeters of Godiva Chocolates

Chocolate Classes in Las Vegas at the School of Pastry Design with Chef Chris Hanmer, Gold Medal World Pastry Winner and winner of Top Chef,  Just Desserts Season 2 at Chef Rubber, Las Vegas.