Sunday, June 23, 2013

Where To Begin

     So much has been has been going on that it is hard to figure out where to start!  I have been working on some small parties, bridal and baby showers, making party favors, and desserts.  I have also been teaching classes at Let's Get Cookin'.  I had a booth at a party trade show.  I have been working on marketing my company.  Taking classes from world class chefs has been a highlight for me and I have been able to participate in several since my last post. I will elaborate and share pictures.  I am currently working on a large project consisting of 50 table centerpieces for a celebrity function,  and a presentation of my products and services for a large winery for their wine club parties.  I have been testing products for a company that makes transfer sheets and colored cocoa butters.  Next month, I will be making a video featuring those products and my techniques. I also made custom chocolates featuring a tropical fruit liqueur for the CEO of the liqueur company.  I am tired just listing all this.

     I spent a week in San Clemente at Stephane Treand's school, The Art of Pastry.  It is a beautiful venue with fabulous working conditions.  It also has a gorgeous view of the Pacific Ocean which you can enjoy while eating lunch that is prepared and served by a chef every day.  Not a rough gig! The class was making pastillage and airbrushing techniques.  It takes a great deal of practice.  It was very difficult and my first day of work looked like kindergarten paintings!  I kept working and it got better but still requires much more practice.  These pictures are from the third day!

                                                              Airbrushed pastillage

Me and my sugar showpiece with Chef Treand

     I spent three days with Chef Ewald Notter, working on holiday showpieces.  He is a master pastry chef and a great instructor.

                                                   Me and Chef Notter

     I spent six days working with Chef Jin Caldwell.  She is a World Pastry winner, worked at many great hotels, restaurants and pastry shops, including the Bellagio and Jean Phillipe Patisserie.  I learned so much from her.  She now owns her own chocolate company, Jin Ju Chocolates.  Her bon bons look and taste amazing.

Me and Chef Caldwell

     These are tropical fruit flavored dark chocolate ganache truffles that I designed and presented to the CEO.  He loved them.  The liqueur is very good and I was happy to make a truffle featuring it's flavor.

Carnivo XO Tropical Fruit Bon Bons

     Here is a sneak peek at the trophy centerpieces that I am working on for the celebrity event with the theme of Best in Show.  They are a work in progress and I am not yet finished with the design.  I have to make 50 of them.

Best in Show 2013 trophies

     I am making custom chocolates and other treats featuring wines, fruit vinegars and flavored olive oils from this winery for a presentation.  I am very excited about this project.

Chocolate Wine Bottles