Friday, January 10, 2014

Coming Soon: Online Chocolate and Pastry Classes with me at

     I am really excited about my new project. I just finished filming two full classes for my new website,  The first class is all about tempering chocolate, the why and how to's. The second class is Chocolate Flowers and Leaves, Class 1.

     This new venture is a partnership and collaboration with Katreece Montgomery of Razor Burn Productions and I had a wonderful time while filming with her and her partner, Frances.

     Teaching is my favorite part of my business. I love showing people the delicious and gorgeous things that they can make, with just a little guidance and some professional techniques.  They are always so surprised and pleased with what they have been able to create.

     The new website is online and the classes will be available shortly. They are now in the editing phase. The next lesson will be on making edible, decorative chocolate boxes that can be filled with any treats or Bon Bons that you wish.

     In addition to chocolate classes, I will be offering baking and pastry classes. French Macarons is the next one on my agenda. Please visit the website and send my your request for future class topics and techniques.  You will be able to ask my questions through the website. We will also have PDFs that you can download and print, that will have all the pertinent information that is covered in the classes.

     I hope you will visit the website and also take a class!