Monday, March 17, 2014

I Just Upped My Game

     I recently spent a week with a world renowned chef  added new techniques to my chocolate skills.  It was an enlightening chocolate experience and also so much fun.  I learned lots of new ways of doing things.  I really got a great deal from the class and feel that I really upped my game!  Here are some new pieces.
I hope you like them.

Chef Stephane Treand, MOF
Gifted Chef and Artist

Chocolate Valentine's Day Box Class at Let's Get Cookin'

     I taught a chocolate class at Let's Get Cookin' just before Valentine's Day.  All the students made heart shaped chocolate boxes with tempered chocolate and decorated them as they wished, using transfer sheets and some chocolate decoration that I had remade.   We also made assorted truffles and bon bons to fill the boxes for our special Valentine. 

     They were wonderful students and everyone of their boxes were beautiful works of delicious chocolate artistry!  They made me sooo proud.  We all had a great time.

What a great group of students.

Truffles and bon bons we made to fill the boxes

The beauty shot!