Thursday, October 17, 2013

Some New Events and Showpieces

   Hi to my followers:
This is just an edited version of my last post.  I was informed by one of my loyal followers that I had some typos and errors.  I am blaming it on the fact that I had a bad head cold.  Oh well.  I hope this is corrected now.

     I have been very busy these last few months!  In August, I went to northern California to collaborate on a video with and The Chocolate Addict featuring their colored cocoa butter and my chocolate artistry.  I had so much fun filming with Nicole and Kurt Knobel, owners of, and Katreece Montgomery and Frances, owners of Razor Burn Productions and The Chocolate Addict.  I will be linking the videos when they are ready.  Sneak preview pictures are here.

Pictures from Video Filming Session

     I did a turtle themed 60th birthday party with a centerpiece and gift bags of chocolate pecan turtles for all the guests.  The birthday boy was surprised and thrilled!

   Then there was the tennis wrap party for the Sunset Strings at the Sunset Hills Country Club.  The team colors are purple, black and white.


     Here are some of the business cards I have made for sales departments of a few companies.

     In October, I was hired to build a showpiece and do a chocolate presentation for the City of Santa Clarita for the monthly Art Walk.  This one was called Chocolate Slam which featured all types of chocolate and chocolate art.  I was in three windows of the Luscious Soul Clothing Store on Main Street.   These are a few of the pieces I built.

     The Best in Show Event for Actors and Others for Animals went really well.  It was held in the ballroom of the Universal Hilton Hotel.  All the guests and celebrities loved the trophy centerpieces.  Everyone wanted to take one home.  I made 45 trophy centerpieces and 1000 chocolate paw prints, which were scattered on the tables for consumption (and they were consumed)!
The event itself, was really great.  It was a celebrity spoof of the movie, "Best in Show", featuring videos of the celebs and their pets.  The audience then voted on the Best in Show.  It was very entertaining.

     The best part of the Best in Show Event, for me, was that the Universal Hilton Catering and Party Department loved my chocolate work and asked for several pieces to display throughout the hotel!  These are the pieces that are currently there on display.

     There is more to come.